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Tanger – A Celebrity Hotspot


A city that was made famous by the movie, Casablanca, Tangier is a hot spot for celebrities and tourists looking to relax. The city is lively all through the year, with beautiful beaches all over.

The city of Tangier lies in the northern coast of Morocco with a population of about 947.952 according to 2014 estimates. There is huge diversity in flavor and culture and is the favorite destination of all who visit Morocco. Tangier is also called the White City and is a major port for millionaires’ yachts. It lies at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean. The port city is undergoing vast development and modernization with many hotels and business centers coming up around the city.

History of Tanger

The history of the city goes back to the Phoenician times founded by Carthaginian colonists in the 5th century BC. It is considered an important city by the Berbers and it name was probably derived from the Berber Goddess – ‘Tinjis’. It is a Berber mythology that it was built by Sufax son of Tinjis. It came under the Roman rule in the 1st century BC and was later conquered in the 5th century AD by the Vandals. It came under Arab control in 702. During the expansion of the Portuguese rule over Morocco it was conquered by them in 1471 and ruled till 1661. It was later given to the Charles II of England as dowry in 1161. In 1679, Sultan Moulay Ismail of Morocco made an attempt to seize it. After a crippling blockade by him, the English departed in 1684. The city was reconstructed but declined again by 1810. Its strategic location brought it at the centre of European diplomatic and commercial rivalry and almost led to a war. It was under the Spanish control from 1940 to 1945 during the World War II and reunited with Morocco in 1956. .[/vc_column_text]

“Tanger: A city that captures your heart and soul.”


The city is a beautiful cultural mix of Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities. It is popular with international writers like Paul Bowles, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac etc and even the music group ‘The Rolling stones’. Its vibrant colors have made it a favorite destination with artists all over the world. Tangier is the second most important industrial center after Casablanca. You will find industries ranging from textile, chemical, mechanical, and metallurgical to naval sectors. There are many seaside resorts coming up and the economy in general relies heavily on tourism. There has been a lot of foreign investment in the field. Real estate and construction companies can be seen investing in tourist infrastructure throughout the city. The port is a major point for import and export of goods. .


You can see many small boats the overall sight with blue, red, green and orange makes it a colorful sight. Agricultural sector is the tertiary sector and the main crops are the cereals.

What to do in Tanger?

The medina is the heart of Tangiers but the Kasba can be called the soul. You would find it interesting to visit the palace museum, the small narrow streets of the kasba and the boulevards along the coast. The beaches here are the major attractions for all tourists. The bay of Tangier is crescent shaped and stretches nearly 4 km from the edge of the port. It runs along the residential areas and you will find many resorts around here. However the proximity of the city and the rivers dumping waste into the sea make it a polluted beach to some extent. However you can easily head over to the beaches between Cap Spartel and Grottes d’Hercle. There are beach bars around hear that are open mostly in summer. Most of them offer deck chairs, showers and a variety of food and drink. You would find the Grand Socco Market Square interesting. You will find everything from arts and crafts to plain old junk apart from fresh fruits and vegetables. The street cafes are a good visit. You would find the inviting shade of the Mendoubia Gardens here inviting you in afternoons. You would be fascinated by an 800 year old banyan tree that stands strong here. If you are done with the city areas you can head to the Caves of Hercules situated about 14kms west of Tangier, which is extremely beautiful, and of archeological significance. You would surely like the beautiful, energetic and unique city of Tangier with the beautiful beaches to entertain you.

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