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See the world through the lens of religion

The overall composition of the population of Morocco is very diverse. Along with the Arabs and the Berbers you would also find Sunni Muslims of Berber descent. There is a small population of the Gnaoua and Haratin.

These are known to be a highly mixed or black race of people. Along with the Spanish and French who have made it their home, there also exists the Jewish community though as a minority group. Among these the Berbers are the indigenous people of North Africa and are known to have been in this region for the last five thousand years.

See the world through the lens of religion

These ethnic groups can be represented as 99.1 percent Arab-Berbers, Jewish 0.2% and others 0.7 percent. Foreign nationals mostly follow Christianity. Though Arabic is the official language of Morocco, the local inhabitant use a dialect called the Morocco Arabic. You would be amazed to find people there conversing in French but it is the unofficial language of Morocco. .

It is mainly in use for commerce and economics and educational purposes. English is also becoming their second foreign language. In the northern parts of Morocco, Spanish is the popular language. You will find a great influence of the French regime that existed for a short while. The Monarch is the supreme Muslim authority in the country. The diversity and colorful blend of various people makes it an interesting country to explore. .

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